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If you are addicted to image retouching or design you will love PhotoFiltre
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If you are addicted to image retouching or design as a hobby or profession, you will love PhotoFiltre. This software is an image editor, but in my own definition it can be called a combination of Paint and Photoshop - the most popular programs which I can compare this program to. Its priority is the quality and colors of the images; with a lot of options to accomplish this kind of editing and changes.

The color management is exceptional, with a great performance. You will be stunned with the results of the changes in the images. The shapes and filters are also something of another world. You will be able to set or personalize these options; it allows you to change the colors; brightness and contrast before you apply the changes. The program supports multiple formats.

It's really user-friendly; with options to undo the changes performed to recreate your ideas helping you to expand your imagination. It doesn't provide the ability to manage the images in layers or shapes or a history board where we can select the specific part in which we've made a mistake, but it is still pretty useful to accomplish complex changes. It was amazing to find a tool that meets all my requirements for quality without affecting my system performance.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • Great Color Management
  • Great Performance
  • Multiple Options


  • Does not manage images as layer or shapes as Photoshop does
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